Коды ошибок HP LJ 2100

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HP LJ 2100  
  Primary status codes  "light off"   "light on"   "light blink"
The Go, Ready, and Attention lights cycle one after another.
The Ready light is on and the printer is ready to print.
The printer is receiving or processing data.
Attention. The printer requires attention for one of the following reasons:
- a door is open
- the toner cartridge is missing
- print media is jammed in the printer
- media supply is depleted
Continuable attention error codes
Continuable error or tray 1 is out of paper. Pressing GO causes the printer to attempt to recover from the error and print whatever it can. If the recovery is unsuccessful, the printer will return to the continuable error state.
Press GO and JOB CANCEL simultaneously to view the secondary continuable error information.
General continuable error
Memory overflow/memory full (20)
Temporary engine error (41.x)
Print overrun (21)
Buffer flow error (22)
Bad connection (40)
NVRAM error (68)
I/O error (81)
Memory configuration error
Personality or job-related error
EIO port error
DIMM slot 1 incompatible error
DIMM slot 2 incompatible error
Fatal Error
The printer has experienced an error and cannot recover. All the lights are on.
Note Pressing GO and JOB CANCEL shows the fatal secondary error codes.
General fatal error (79)
Engine communication error (55)
Scanner error (52)
Bad beam detect error (51)
Scan motor error (57)
Bad fuser error (50)
Formatter internal RAM or ROM error
Fan motor error (58)
NVRAM error (68)
Scan buffer error (64)
RAM controller error (65)
Miscellaneous interface hardware error (67)
Accessory error codes
An error has occurred with either the EIO port or the DIMM (memory) slots.
Accessory errors secondary codes
EIO port error
DIMM slot 1 incompatible error
DIMM slot 2 incompatible error
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